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The integrated solution for the future of electromobility.

In WATT+VOLT we imagine a humane future and so each and every of our actions aims at leaving its ecological footprint to the next generation. Guided by innovation but also our desire to be active in what the new era commands, we offer practical support to the power of electromobility, providing “breaths” of optimist for our environment.

Chargespot is our own integrated solution for the future of electromobility and by continuing reading below you can easily find out why we are proud of it, as well as how you can use it to become part of our vision.

What is Chargespot?

With the innovative Chargespot service, you have access to the great electromobility network, through the relevant application that you can download within a few minutes, totally FREE, to your mobile or tablet by Play Store or App Store.

With Chargespot, electric vehicles’ owners have access to over 250.000 chargers in Greece and abroad, while gaining full control of their “smart” charges.

Through the app, you can locate the available charging points and charge your car easily, economically, and safely.

Businesses, members of the Chargespot network, gain revenues from the charges as well as benefits on their electricity bill. At the same time, they create added value for their clientele and prove in practice their green attitude towards the environment.


With the Chargespot you enjoy unique benefits:

Real-time charging information
and direct - easy payment
Low charging prices
through the creation of your own profile
Access to charges history
Addition of chargers to “Favorites”
so that you can find them easily and quickly
Personalized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards
for contactless charges even without using the app

How do I charge my electric car?

Download the Chargespot application on your mobile
(Android/iOS), register and select the charging spot you want from the map using the “Chargers(Public)” option from the menu.
Connect one end of the cable
to your car's socket and the other to the charger's plug.
Select the charger
from the field “Select a charging station”.
Important! Make sure that the 5-digit ID code appearing on the application is the same with the one on the charger.
Through the application
slide the bar to the right. Alternatively, put your RFID card close to your charger. The charging starts as soon as the color of the led bulb changes to blue.
To complete the charging,
slide the bar again. Alternatively, put again your RFID card close to your charger.
Lastly, disconnect the plug
by firstly pulling out the charger’s plug.

* Non registered users may pay by credit or debit card through the application.

In case you need any help, you can call the Customer Support Line 183 83 

Why should I choose WATT+VOLT?

Access to 250.000+ chargers
all over the world
A system of automated payments and automatic invoicing
for extra reliability and convenience
Full history and statistical data for every charge
so that you can have a clear overview of your profile
Integrated solutions (End-to-end)
for residential and commercial applications
Dynamic Load Management
(DLM) ) - Power Distribution System from the installed chargers
Personalized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards
with your logo – for contactless charges even without the use of the application
Specialized Customer Support Team
for your better service


The Chargespot service benefits you either from using it as an individual by acquiring your own home charger, or as a business enjoying unique privileges as a member of our network.

Do you own an electric vehicle and want to install a charger in your home? Are you a business owner and want to install chargers for the electric vehicles of your fleet? Or are you a business owner and want to become a member of the Chargespot network by acquiring chargers for public use?

We have α solution for all needs. If you are interested fill in the form and we will contact you.

What are the benefits if my business belongs to the chargespot network?

  • Gain competitive prices on electricity
  • Create your own charging network, earning revenue from the charges
  • Advertise your business worldwide through the app
  • Increase traffic from electric vehicles’ owners
  • Access of your clientele to value-added services
  • Offer practical help to the environment with a unique act of responsibility – increase your green footprint