Chargespot services
Chargespot services

Chargespot services

At WATT+VOLT we created Chargespot aiming at providing practical help for the protection of the environment and at increasing the green footprint. Being the most innovative energy provider, through Chargespot, we develop one of the largest chargers’ network in Greece, while at the same time we are part of the largest network (Hubject network) of Europe, with more than 250,000 charging stations.

Chargespot Business

Chargespot Business Public

The most integrated solution for public charging

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Chargespot Business

Chargespot Business Exclusive

A green future for the fleet of electrical cars of your business

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Chargespot Home

Smart charge at your home

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Why is Chargespot an ideal solution?

Access to 250,000+ chargers all over the world

Integrated end-to-end solutions for public, business and domestic use

Undertaking of the entire project, from the supply to the installation of the charger with free inspection and electrical study/offer

Installation at competitive prices for all charger categories of public, business and domestic use

Easy to use application for searching charging spots and having full control of your “smart” charges

Wide range of chargers with qualitative and certified models

Combination with promotional electricity programs

Personalized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards for contactless charges even without the use of the application